John Alexis
Guerra Gómez

I do Visual Analytics, i.e., I include the user in the big data analysis/science loop.


In a nutshell

PhD in Computer Science. I conduct research on Visual Analytics, Accessibility, Big data and Web Development


  • 7 years as a researcher on Information Visualization
  • 15 years on software development
  • 9 years on teaching at university level
  • 30+ research publications at major conferences such as CHI, IEEEVIS, AVI, TRB
  • AC of toChi 2016, Creativity and Cognition 2017, Graph Drawing 2017. Reviewer for CHI, IEEEVIS, AVI, EuroVis and UIST
  • 15 years as public speaker
  • Entrepreneur co-founder of DUTO, KebSolutions, and BTactile, with more than 10 international entrepreneurship awards

My Skills

My Skils

The tools and techniques I use

What tools I use

Experience and Education

Things I'm proud of



Yahoo Labs
  • Exploring information visualization interfaces for navigating big repositories of photos.
  • Helped redesigned Flickr stats.
  • Developed and deployed a visualization for better exploring the organizational units that is being used company wide.
  • Modified Flickr code to add a new photo navigation visualization.
  • Four papers accepted in two major conferences (CHI2016 and AVI2016).
  • Created visual analytics for dozens of complex Yahoo datasets.

  • Created Network Explorer a visual network analytics tool to explore hundreds of thousands of nodes, which was implemented, among others, in a Fraud, Waste and Abuse solution from Xerox and is being used for detecting fraud in Health Care networks.
  • Constructed several dashboards using Tableau.
  • Developed and integrated several other time-based and text based visualizations in 3 different products.

  • Co-founded and wrote BTactile a platform to index 5000 tactile graphics for the blind from all over the world using Meteor.js and React.
  • Creator of force-in-a-box and netClustering.js.
  • Co-creator of a platform to monitor Twitter activity for the Colombian presidential election.
  • Creator of a Facebook app to explore who likes your post the most.

  • PhD and MSc in Computer Science under the supervision of Dr. Ben Shneiderman and Dr. Catherine Plaisant.
  • Created the StemView a visualization technique that represents 5 characteristics of change in trees.
  • Created the Bullet a visualization glyph that represents 4 characteristics of change in trees.
  • Implemented TreeVersity2 a visual analytics web application to explore change in datasets over time.
  • Implemented TreeVersity a visual analytics desktop application to compare changes between two trees.
  • Conducted 13 case studies with 9 domain experts to validate TreeVersity and TreeVersity2.



Things I have built


Representing groups of photos with numeric attributes. Work in progress, pending publication.

Network Explorer

Network Explorer

Visual analytics tool for understanding large networks. Pending publication.

TreeVersity v2

Visualizing five dimensions of change in a dataset changing over time using hierarchies

TreeVersity v1

Comparing changes between trees on structure and node values.


A visual analytics tool for temporal categorical data. Helped developing the comparison modules as part of a broader project.


A system to allow blind children to see colors and shapes with their hands