Network Visualization Research: John Alexis Guerra Gómez

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Network visualization is one of the most interesting topics of research in the dataviz world. I have been working on this topic since the beginning of my PhD exploring the best practices for visualizing networks.


A network clustering library that works on the browser using the Clauset, Newman and Moore algorithm.


A d3v4.js plugin for distributing nodes on a clustered network, based on the groupInABox algorithm.

Twitter most influentials

A series of visualizations I created to find who where the most interesting accounts worth following for academic conferences

Network visualization of IEEVIS

IEEEVIS Citation network

AVI2016 Network Explorer

An AVI2016 paper presenting Network Explorer, a tool I built for exploring large networks at PARC

NetViz lessons

Some lessons I learned by doing netviz on industry

Untangling the Hairball Openvisconf2017 talk

My talk at Openvis2017 explaining how to untangle networks