Faceting into multiple views

John Alexis Guerra Gómez


Slides from Tamara Munzner


Block by mbostock

Small Multiples (cubism)

Cubism by Square

Multiple Overview/Details (Tweetometro)


Multiple Overview (TreeVersity)

Treeversity v2

Many views!

BiomechSlides from Tamara Munzner

Visualization Mantra

  • Overview First
  • Zoom and Filter
  • Details on Demand

Twitter Analytics

Twitter AnalyticsTwitter Analytics

Convey Information

BiomechNY Times ArticleAmanda Keynote Openvis2017

Convey Information

Bullet Charts

Bullet ChartsPerceptual Edge Blog post

Take home message

  • Multiple ways of coordinating views (share data/encoding)
  • Visualization Mantra
  • Convey information!