Who to follow in ieeevis

Here is a list of the Twitter accounts most followed by the members of the ieeevis community (computed by identyfying the 317 accounts tweeting using #ieeevis with at least 2 tweets, between 2017-09-25 and 2017-10-07).


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Also, who to follow for:

NIPS2017 | Tableau Conference 2017 | CHI2018 | CHI2017 | CHI2016 | CSCW | Eurovis | Eyeo 2017 | IEEEvis 2017 | IEEEvis 2016 | IEEEvis 2015 | Openvis 2018 | Openvis 2017 | Openvis 2016 | Tapestryconf

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By number of followers in ieeevis

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Created by John Alexis Guerra Gómez

If you want me to compute this for your conference, send me a DM @duto_guerra

The data

Here is the data in case you want to analyze it yourself

The ieeevis followers network
The ieeevis tweets