Final Class Projects Visual Analytics Course

This is a list of the final projects on this class. Each group was tasked to develop a Visual Analytics tool to help solve a real problem from a real user. The students successfully worked through the problems of obtaining and cleaning real data, and more importantly extracting real value from them.

Here is a list of the projects grouped by topics:



Time Group Project
6:00 PM Introduction
6:13 PM 3 Visualization of market data BVC
6:26 PM 7 Tools to Enjoy the Election Data From Colombia Since 1958
6:39 PM 2 Colombian Cinema
6:52 PM 5 Dashboard de Desempeño y Actividades para el control y seguimiento de los Proyectos.
7:05 PM 6 Web Analytics Visualization
7:18 PM 10 Visual Analysis of the Satisfaction Survey (ESAT)
7:31 PM Break
7:50 PM 4 Visualization for public transport data in Bahía Blanca, Argentina
8:03 PM 9 Incident Managment: Recaudo Bogotá
7:50 PM 1 Visualization of world happiness report: an interactive approach.
8:03 PM 8 TrackCA
8:36 PM 11 Visual Analytics aplicated to growth of preterm infants in his first year of life