Final Class Projects Visual Analytics Course

Here is a list of the Visual Analytics projects developed during our Fall 2018 Course at Los Andes University. Each group was tasked to develop a Visual Analytics tool to help solve a real problem from a real user. The students successfully worked through the problems of obtaining and cleaning real data, and more importantly extracting real value from them.




Time Project
6:11 PM Introduction
6:22 PM Politicians campaign financing and contracts network
6:33 PM Rheumatoid Arthritis in Colombia
6:44 PM Built Environment Profiles for Latin American Urban Settings
6:55 PM Variation in the Colombian gut microbiome according to diet and health
7:06 PM Colombian statistics - DANE
7:17 PM Smart Taxis
7:28 PM We know what you did. Congress family members
7:39 PM We know what you did. Congress finances
7:50 PM Colombian congress: Congreso Visible
8:01 PM Abortion in Colombia: not a tale, a reality
8:12 PM Analyzing a MOOC in Mathematics
8:23 PM The Best School in Colombia
8:34 PM Can You really learn about sexuality through a MOOC?
8:45 PM How does Bogota vote?