Visualizing Trees and Graphs

John Alexis Guerra Gómez| ja.guerrag[at]| @duto_guerra

Based onslides from Tamara Munzner

Visualizing Networks

Force Directed Layout mbostock

Use the force!

Beeswarm plot mbostock

Collision Detection mbostock

Force in a Box john-guerra

Adjacency Matrix

Chord Diagram mbostock

Edge Bundling mbostock

Arc Diagram mbostock

Arc Diagram


Radial Tree mbostock

Dendogram mbostock

Cluster Dendograms Radial mbostock

Cluster Dendograms Cartesian mbostock

Collapsible Tree mbostock

Force Directed Tree mbostock

Space Filling Techniques

TreeMap mbostock

TreeMap with parent labels mbostock


Icicle Tree mbostock

Sunburst Tree mbostock

Radial Treemap mbostock

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