Advanced Visualization Techniques

John Alexis Guerra Gómez| ja.guerrag[at]| @duto_guerra
Jose Tiberio Hernández | jhernand[at]
Universidad de los Andes

Based onslides from Tamara Munzner

Manipulate views



Geometric Zoom mbostock

Semantic Zoom mbostock

Facet Across Multiple Views

Linked Filtering (Crossfilter)


Same encoding / Subset of data / Linked Navigation mbostock

Small Multiples (cubism)

Same encoding / Different data / Linked Navigation

Multiform Overview/Details (Tweetometro)

Different encoding / Subset of data / Linked Navigation

Multiform Overview (Treeversity)

Different encoding / All data / Linked Navigation


Reduce Items and Attributes

Scented widgets paper


Box Plot mbostock

Violin plot asielen

t-SNE Explorations

More extras

Tamara's slides on her work on dimensionality reduction

Embed, Focus+Context

Fish eye mbostock

Some tips for presentation

Github project

  • Good
  • Organize your folders
  • Meaningful comments (when committing)
  • Tweet about it with #dataviz

  • Include a meaningful
  • Short and concise description of your project
  • Who, what, why, how? (human readable)
  • What insights can you get out of it
  • Link the class website
  • Link the project's demo
  • Link to the paper
  • A couple lines on how to run it


  • 7 Minutes
  • Tell a story
  • Problem -> Alternatives -> Your solution -> Insights
  • Practice, practice, practice
  • Try to show a 30s demo video
  • Talk about your users
  • Avoid text on slides
  • Avoid repeating logos


  • Abstract: explain what you did to your granny
  • Parts
    • Intro: state problem
    • Related Work
    • Your solution
    • Evaluation
    • Conclusions

More about the paper