Visualizing Graphs

John Alexis Guerra Gómez| ja.guerrag[at]| @duto_guerra
Jose Tiberio Hernández | jhernand[at]
Universidad de los Andes

Based onslides from Tamara Munzner

Visualizing Networks

Force Directed Layout mbostock

Use the force!

Beeswarm plot mbostock

Collision Detection mbostock

Force in a Box john-guerra

Adjacency Matrix

Chord Diagram

  • Data: Networks (small # of nodes)
  • Tasks: Summarize connections. Identify highest degree
  • Considerations: Usually good for origin -> destination

Edge Bundling

  • Data: Networks
  • Tasks: Summarize common connections.
  • Considerations:
    • Reduces cluttering
    • Requires computing time
    • Works with any link based idiom

Arc Diagram

  • Data: Networks (few nodes)
  • Tasks: Summarize common connections.
  • Considerations:
    • Nodes order matter
    • Better with highly clustered data

Arc Diagram Robert Gove

Arc Diagram

Semantic Substrates

  • Data: Networks with many edges
  • Task: Summarize distribution of non network attribs
  • Considerations:
    • Easier to understand
    • Scale well
    • Edges on demand work best
Six ways of visualizing networks by Robert GoveRobert Gove's Six ways of visualizing Networks


Network Analysis Metrics

  • Connections
  • Distribution
  • Segmentation

Use them as derived attributes