John Alexis Guerra Gómez


Class page:

Readings discussion

  • questions?

Random Questions

  • What's a class?
  • What's an attribute?
  • What's the id?
  • What's the difference between the head and the body
  • Content vs Style
  • What's the DOM

Setting up your environment

Working online

  • Good for quick coding
  • All being taken care
  • Can share links
  • Good for asking questions
  • I recommend JSFiddle

Working locally

  • Better for debugging and organizing
  • Need setup
  • Better linters!!
  • I recommend Sublime

Group Exercise

We have the tweets collected from yesterday for the class. Let's design a web page to show display and grade them.

Audience and objective

  • Who are we targeting? Users
  • What do we want them to do? Task


What do we have to show?

  • Tweets
    • Handle
    • Text
    • User image
    • Date
  • University Logo
  • What else?

Wireframe it

Test it

Code it

Web Developer tools


Design and write the HTML of your home page

  • Code it and put it on github

Share your results