Analyzing Growth Data in Preterm BabiesVisual Analytics for Time Based Events

Deisy Díaz, John A. Guerra Gómez, Julieta Villegas,
Nathalie Charpak, José Tiberio Hernández
Los Andes University and Kangaroo Foundation

Deisy DíazJohn Alexis GuerraJulieta VillegasNathalie CharpakTiberio Hernández



  • Proposed Process Model
  • Preterm babies
  • Viz for measuring babies' growth

Proposed Process Model

Time Based Events

  • Presidential election
  • A common factory production of goods
  • Write a book
  • Evolution of a disease such as diabetes

4 steps Model

4 steps model

Presidential Election

example presidential election

Evolution of a Disease (Diabetes)

example diabetes

Preterm (Kangaroo) Babies

The problem

Kangaroo baby
  • Nearly 1 million preterm babies died in 2015*.
  • Hypothermia, Ocular complications, Feeding intolerance, Infectious as meningitis.

In Colombia

Preterm birth complications is the leading cause of neonatal deaths (35% of total)*

preterm babies in Colombia

The solution?

Kangaroo Mother Care example

Kangaroo Foundation

Researches and promotes the best practices of the Kangaroo Mother Care method

Kangaroo Foundation

The Experts

Fundación Canguro experts

Dr. Nathalie Charpak, Pediatrician and maximum exponent of the KMC in the world.

Julieta Villegas, Master’s degree in Health Policy, Planning and Financing.

The Data

avalaible data

The Tasks

  • Evaluate the growth process during the first year of life
  • Identify the influence on the growth process of mother's background

Back to the model

4 steps model in kangaroo babies

1- Environment (before the event)

step 1 - environment

2- Pregnancy (development of the event)

step 2 - pregnancy

3- Birth (the event)

step 3 - birth

4- Growth (after the event)

step 4 - Growth


How does the family's income level affect the population?

Stage 1 of the model

2011 new maternity leave law
did it create impact?

Stage 4 of the model

Is there a change in the nutritional pattern of the infants after the nationwide law to increase the maternal leave introduced in 2011?

2011 Maternity leave Law

  • 3 Month maternity leave counts only after the 40 weeks from pregnancy
  • Preterm mothers were at disadvantage before the law
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A Time-series viz proposal

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We have shown

  • Model for time based problems
  • Application for Preterm babies
  • Viz for measuring babies' growth

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