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A visual story on how to find the most interesting people to follow for a Twitter topic

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By John Alexis Guerra Gómez

Most followed accounts by the community for #chi2019

The story

How did I compute them?

Here goes the story. I wanted to know if I was following all the interesting people for #chi2019

Downloaded the Tweets

I collected 3000 tweets using the hashtag #chi2019 (and other related ones), between May 01 2019 and May 15 2019


From those 3000 tweets I found 700 different accounts. I call these accounts the community

How would you select the top 10 influencers?

Rank them?

Try sorting them by

This is a good list, but has a problem.

Did everyone tweet?

Remember that this list only includes people that tweeted #chi2019

Let's take a look at

It seems important (it's followed by accounts in the community]), but it didn't tweet during the period of the analysis.

Ranking is not enough...

We need something better!

Let's try something different

Let's start with one account that tweeted #chi2019

Add who they follow

Repeat for another

Let's repeat for another account that tweeted #chi2019, while counting how many followers they have in the community. The bigger the user, the more followers they have

Repeat for 100 others

Too many links

Let's remove them for clarity

Count everyone

Now we can add the followers for everyone who tweeted

Keep only the most followed

There are too many accounts, let's focus on the top ones

Organize them by number of followers

This is nice because we can see the most famous accounts. But many of them are just celebrities

Find the celebrities

If we add the dimension of number of followers, we can also separate the accounts with many followers (in the right)

Add a √ scale

The celebrities have millions of followers, so we need a different scale to emphasize the smaller values

Add everyone back

Now, we have space, so we can add everyone back

Let's ignore celebrities

We can do this by filtering by the ratio [followers in #chi2019]/[total followers] %. The lower the ratio, the less celebrities we get in the list

Are you there?

Hope you enjoyed!

Made by John Alexis Guerra Gómez with ♥️.

If you want me to compute this for your conference/hashtag, send me a DM @duto_guerra

The data

Here is the data in case you want to analyze it yourself

The #chi2019 followers network
The #chi2019 tweets

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Next is the list of people the #chi2019 community thinks you should be following

Most influential accounts for #chi2019

By number of followers around accounts tweeting #chi2019

Number of followers in #chi2019

Twitter List

Here is what this people talk about, follow the #chi2019 list here