Photo visualization Research

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Photo visualization is an old concept that has been somehow stagnated on the research world. In the past there were many interesting developments on the field, such as Photofinder and PhotoMesa. However, most of the interfaces used by the big companies rely only on infinite scroll

With this work I'm exploring alternative ways of summarizing and navigating large datasets of photos. My work is divided in three main concepts:


Summarizing collections of photos with adjacent numerical information (such as view or faves counts).


An app that shows you who are your most loyal friends on Facebook

Zoomable phototreemap

A phototreemap for categorization, it groups photos by categories in a nice and zoomable hierarhical interface

AVI PhotoTreemap slides screenshot

What works and what doesn't on a phototreemap

An 2016 AVI paper exploring what works and what doesn't when creating phototreemaps

Beyoend the photostream

Beyond the photostream

A talk I gave presenting the need for newer photo UIs

Navigating large sets of photos

Infinite scroll works well for dozens of images, but what if you need to explore a large repository with thousands or even millions of photos? I have been working on some techniques for navigating large datasets that are yet to be published

Photoring screenshot


A novel interface for multidimensional navigation of large photo repositories. Work in progress